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Pedro DIaz

Pedro Diaz

Manager & Founder

Pedro Luis Diaz Benitez was a long-time coach/trainer of the Cuban national team before leaving the country in 2000. He is well-studied and has written numerous publications on sports science and condition training. Among his credentials is a Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences, President of the AIBA in Scientific Commission for America, and the ex-professor in University Sports in Cuba. For his performance in High Performance Sport, he was awarded the Olympic Merit Medal. He was Technical Director of the Olympic High Performance Centre in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Ecuadorian Olympic Committee. He too advised boxing in the Republic of China, winning for the first time the Asian Games, with 4 gold and 4 silver medals and has served as a technical advisor for GYM (Groupe Yvon Michel) Promotions.
Pedro Diaz Jr

Pedro Díaz Jr.

Physical Trainer

Pedro Diaz Jr. is a qualified physical trainer who study for several years at the Cuban Sports University. He plans, organizes and directs the physical preparation of all athletes who train in Mundo Boxing. He’s got a great experience in the physical training of great champions especially in combat sports, for example:

Guillermo Rigondeaux
Tyrone Spong
Hassan N'Dam
Vitor Belfort
Ruslan Chagaev
Alexis Angulo
Jurguen Doberstein
Anthony Martinez
Leider Peña
Umar Cheema

Mundo Boxing - Training 1

Osvaldo Nordelo

Cutman & Medical Accessor

Member of FIME (International Federation of Sports Medicine) since 1989. He is specialist in Sports Medicine with extraordinary experience in the Medical Control of the training, the prophylaxis and the treatment of injuries of great champions in different sports.
He has worked in the doping control for several sports disciplines in multiple Olympic Games, World Championships and Pan American Games. He has worked as a medical assistant and cutman of several champions for various preparations and combats such as:

Guillermo Rigondeaux.
Miguel Cotto.
Yuniel Dorticos
Jurguen Doberstein
Tyrone Spong
Ruslan Chagaev
Alexis Angulo
Leider "El Lince" Peña
Umar Cheema
Jesus "El Mejocano" Market
Jason Vélez

David Pena

David Pena

Project Colaborator

Coach at Muhammad Ali Boxing Center at Tropical Park. He has great experience in group work and in organizing work with children and young people who aspire to be great boxing champions or who practice boxing.

He is a great motivator with a great knowledge when working with women and other community sectors that seek body fitness through the practice of boxing and the systematic execution of varied exercises.

Yordanis Despigne

Lic. Yordanis Despigne

Boxing Trainer

He was a very successful amateur and professional boxer. He joined the Cuban youth team for the world youth championship held in Argentina 1998. He joined the Cuban Olympic team from 1998 to 2009, where he participated in the Olympic Games, World Championships (2001 & 2003), Pan American Games 2003, Central American Games 2006. He participate in the Cuban Olympic Team to the 2006 Olympic games in Athens. He also participated in multiple international boxing competitions such as World Cups and multiple tournaments in Europe.

As a professional boxer, he had excellent competitive results. Currently he is coaching Professional Boxing, Olympic Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In conjunction with Dr. Pedro Diaz and Team “Mundo Boxing”, he took a definitive role in the preparation and training of great professional boxing champions and mixed martial arts such as:

Guiillermo Rigondeaux, Hassan N Dan, Yuniski Gonzalez, Tyrone Spong, Leider "El Lince" Peña, Jesus "El Mexicano" Market, Anthony Martínez, Gael "El Gallito" López. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA): - Vitor Belfort - Junor Sigano



To establish a gymnasium with the necessary conditions for the systematic practice of physical activities that contribute to the development and integral strengthening of high performance athletes.


To guide, plan, direct and control the training process for High Performance athletes, specifically Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitors, who are preparing for major future competitions and events.


Improve training systems, considering the methodological techniques, that allow a more rational and objective preparation according to the demands of world sport, evaluating the pedagogical, medical and psychological indicators.


To promote the specialized improvement of the intended audience through conferences, seminars, courses, books, videos, other educational materials, encouraging the exchange of experiences.


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